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Skate 2

Flip Tricks

All flip tricks are done by using the right joystick (on both the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360), and "flicking it" either up (to perform the trick with an ollie) or down (to preform the trick with a nollie).

List of Tricks



FS Shuvit


360 Flip

Laser Flip

360 Shuv it

FS 360 Shuv

Inward Heelflip


360 Inward Heelflip

360 Hardflip

Double Kickflip

Triple Kickflip

Quad Kickflip

Double Heelflip

Triple Heelflip

Quad Heelflip


Nollie Kickflip

Nollie Heelflip

Nollie FS Shuv

Nollie Shuv it

Nollie 360 Flip

Nollie Laser Flip

Nollie 360 Shuv it

Nollie FS 360 Shuv

Nollie Inward Heelflip

Nollie Hardflip

Nollie 360 Inward Heelflip

Nollie 360 Hardflip

Nollie Double Kickflip

Nollie Triple Kickflip

Nollie Quad Kickflip

Nollie Double Heelflip

Nollie Triple Heelflip

Nollie Quad Heelflip


Grabs are done by pressing and holding either L2, R2, or both on the PS3. On the Xbox 360, it is done by holding either the left trigger, right trigger, or both. Afterwards, you can "tweak" the grab by moving the right joystick in any direction.

List of Tricks


Grinds are pretty easy to do. Simply ollie up close to a rail or ledge, and let the game do the rest. After you start to grind, you can move the left joystick in any direction to change the grind that you are doing.

List of Grinds


There are two different types of manuals you can perform. Manuals or Nose Manuals. Manuals can be done by moving the right joystick down (but not completely down), and nose manuals can be done by moving the right joystick up (but not completely up). Once you are manualing, you can "flick" out of it or do a revert to switch between manuals and nose manuals.


There are a couple of different plants you can do. Foot plants, hand plants, judo plants, you name it. It's a great way to keep your line going.


Braking, hippie jumps, walking, and a bunch of different stuff will be shown here.


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