Jam With Danny Way

Jam With Danny Way
DefinitionDanny Way Pro Challenge
PJ and Duffy are stoked... But you still need to sesh with The Man... Danny Way.
This is a one-on-one jam with Danny Way through his Mega Park, but with a twist!
You MUST reach the end for your score to count!
  • N/A
  • Rewards$1,000

    [edit] Hints & Tips

    • To complete this mission, try to keep a line going for as long as possible, as it is very hard to start up again after bailing unless you start from the top of the first drop.
    • If you reach the end before Danny, the scores will be taken at face value, i.e - his score will not increase any more. Therefore, if you are ahead of him in distance and in points, you can seal the deal by finishing your run early, and not giving him the chance to catch up.
    • If Danny does a revert at the beginning, he is going to cut you off and drop in on the ramp towards the right.
    • ensure you don't get trapped in the pool by hanging left after the second quarter pipe.

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