Lucas's Translation

Lucas's Translation
DefinitionLucas Puig Pro Challenge
Alex thinks Lucas is saying for you to "tailslide gap to noseslide" the fountain slabs....Viva la croissant!
  • Tailslide, gap, Noseslide or vice versa
  • RewardsN/A

    [edit] Hints & Tips

    • This is quite a tricky challenge! Firstly find out which trick you find hardest - Tailslide or Noseslide.. do this one first.
    • As you enter into the first trick you can release the right stick, as long as you hold the left stick towards the ledge.
    • When you Ollie the gap, expect to transfer sides as you will need to move the right stick in the right direction.
    • Think of the controls before you go forward and keep trying.
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