Skate 2 Walkthrough

Here you will find an in-depth walkthrough of Skate 2. It will show how to complete each challenge. Challenges are things you have to complete to earn money, clothes, and to beat the game. This section gives you all the info you'll need to complete these challenges. This walkthrough was made with the Playstation 3 version, although it can still be very useful for playing on the Xbox 360.

[edit] Tutorial Challenges

Once you start up the game, you'll find yourself in an alley. The first challenge you must complete is "Trip to Slappy's". This is the tutorial and shows you how to do some basic tricks, and get the hang of the game.

[edit] Trip to Slappy's

  1. First thing's first. Push with either the X or Square button. You'll cruise for a short while.
  2. After you've gone about 20 feet, your cameraman Reda, will tell you to cruise under a barrier blocking your way. Grab your board with either L2, R2, or both, and you'll go right underneath the barrier. Simple.
  3. Next, you'll skate a short distance, and meet some stairs. In the original Skate, it would be impossible to get up the stairs, but now you can just press Triangle, and walk right up them.
  4. After you reach the top of the stairs, get back on your board, and skate over to the gap, and ollie right over it.

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