Skate It (DS)

Skate It
Skate-it-box-cover.jpgSkate It Artwork
DeveloperEA Black Box
PublisherElectronic Arts
PlatformsNintendo DS
PerspectiveThird Person
Release Date(s)Nov 9, 08 [NA]
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GenreX-treme Sports


[edit] Background

Skate It was announced at E3 in 2008 as a spin-off of 2007's Skate. The game was released on the Nintendo DS, and the Nintendo Wii only, which makes the game a Nintendo exclusive. Skate introduced a revolutionary system of control for Skateboarding games, and Skate It utilized the Nintendo DS' touch screen to recreate those revolutionary controls.

[edit] Storyline

Skate It's storyline is relatively linear, when compared to Skate, but shadows the storyline nevertheless. You star as yourself, an amateur skateboarder, whose ultimate goal is to become a professional skateboarder. To achieve this goal, you must capture footage of your skateboarding, win competitions, and achieve sponsorship from multiple companies. You do this by completing goals and challenges.

[edit] Controls

The Nintendo DS utilizes Skate It's flick it controls with the touch screen. There is only one control scheme, but you are prompt to select the way that you would like the skateboard aligned on your touch screen. The first setting makes the skateboard point diagonally left. The second points the skateboard vertically in the air. The final setup angles the skateboard diagonally to the right.

The alignment control scheme utilizes the touch screen, but you must also select a push control method. One pushes by holding your stylus on the touch screen, while the the d-pad, or a, b, y, x allows you to maneuver your skater throughout the level.

[edit] Soundtrack

Fujiya & Miyagi - Collarbone
The Specials - Ghost Town
The Clash - Death Or Glory
Suicidal Tendencies - Possessed 2 Skate

[edit] Areas

The areas in the DS version of the game are very similar to the San Vanelona present in Skate, but Skate It takes you outside of San Van, and around the world.


Lake Sherwin
Old Town Race


Community Center
DIY Park
Danny's Mega Park
Elementary School


Plan B Warehouse
Frisco Freakout

Small Spots

LA Rails
The Gap
The Flood Gate
Wipeout Wall

Real World

San Francisco

[edit] Recognition gave Skate It a 7.9 out of 10, and labeled the game as Good. gave Skate It a 7.5 out of 10, and labeled the game as Good.

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