Stressing With The SOTY

Stressing With The SOTY
DefinitionMarc Johnson Pro Challenge
Hope Marc doesn't throw down another stress montage. I bet sessioning with him might help him get right with the universe.
  • Grind the Building Ledge
  • Grind the High Ledge
  • RewardsN/A

    [edit] Hints & Tips

    • You have to grind both ledges without bailing. For the first ledge follow the first arrows by jumping over the curb. As you leave the bench to grind the first ledge hold the left stick forwards to push your skater onto the ledge.
    • For the second ledge, slow yourself with the B button to get your aiming perfect.
    • If you find it easier to grind the second ledge, do this first and use the go to marker feature for the first ledge to set your angle up again.
    • This can be very tricky, it will take a combination of timing, positioning and trial-and-error.
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